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Dishwasher Sink Combo

Dishwasher Sink Combo

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Stainless Steel 2-IN-1 In-Sink dishwasher is a convenient product combining your kitchen sink and dishwasher


  • 3-function-in-1. A dishwasher, a sink, and a produce & seafood washing machine all in one product. 
  • Saves space, energy, and time. Uses less water per wash cycle than a traditional dishwasher, 3.17 gallons vs. 6 gallons. 
  • 120 Volts service for low power consumption and energy efficiency.
  • Sterilization and bacteria elimination through 5 washing cycles with temperatures of 122˚ to 158˚.
  • Removes 99.99% E.Coli and Staphylococcus aureus from dishes and 90%+ pesticide residue from fruit and vegetables. 
  • 304 Food grade seamless stainless steel design prevents rust and any other dirt or soap build up
  • Pasteurizing convection drying process avoids secondary pollution from drying by hand
Ergonomic Design
  • Ergonomic counter top mounted design eliminates having to bend down to load and unload dishes
  • Easy over-mount installation and access to maintenance.


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